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My love of artisanal clothing and materials goes back to even before I started my career in fashion in India. I have always admired traditional crafts, from the hand-carved wooden stamps to the authentic beauty of the final products. Today the growing demand for sustainable fashion worldwide speaks for itself.

How authentic craft competes with mass production

It has never been easy to compete with the mass-produced clothes and methods of production in the West. And yet there is an enduring quality and appeal to clothes made in natural organic materials, crafted with a knowledge that goes back generations handed down through families. The Covid pandemic has made it even harder for the artisans to sustain their livelihoods.

Inspired by adversity

As the old saying goes -

Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.

And yet as Covid-19 hit many parts of the world, some harder than others, it is the people in developing countries with inadequate health and economic infrastructures who are finding it hardest to sustain life.

Such is the case with a small but very talented artisan community around Faridabad in India that I happen to know rather well, because of family and professional affiliations. As if losing family members wasn’t hard enough, the Covid survivors are struggling to survive day-to-day, having lost their jobs. 

The founders of YunikuLondon

Deeply touched by this situation and feeling passionate to help this community I, Aparna Jain Founder of YunikuLondon, came up with an idea to help this community. 


We now work directly with the artisans to create sustainable fashion products bringing them to a wider audience. Our goal is to promote the skills of these clever and enduring artisans online, and wherever possible in retail. Any revenue generated through any purchases you make provides much needed relief to those families.

Our quality sustainable fashion lines

If you like beautifully soft sustainably natural fabrics, then our product range is going to get you excited. We’ve created some wonderfully elegant and feminine garments that are stylish and comfortable to wear.

Help us to support some of the local crafts people whose livelihoods have disappeared because of Covid-19. By sourcing natural, crafted and sustainable fabrics, we realised that we could share their beautiful artistry here in the UK, thereby helping to sustain these local communities while bringing you fabulously unique clothing that feels especially great to wear.

We bring beautiful design and quality to sustainable fashion

We are committed to designing and producing high-quality products in a responsible way. Made from natural fabrics created through ethical and sustainable practices, our fabrics are mostly hand-printed by artisans and crafted into stunning, eye-catching garments. We’ve committed to our local, skilled craftspeople in Faridabad, and support them and to sustain their livelihoods and communities.

 We guarantee that all our garments are produced in a safe working environment where our workers are guaranteed a fair wage.

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