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Sustainable Clothing

Designed for your comfort and style!

by Aparna Jain 23 Feb 2021 0 Comments

Whether you are at home or out for fun, imagine spending this Summer draped in a fabulously soft, beautifully hand-crafted cover-up, carefully stitched to the highest standards. No fraying seams, no rough edges, just authentic craft and smooth lines on display.

That’s the YunikuLondon  point of difference. We offer clothes that are designed for comfort and style.

Moreover, our collection of conscious fashion will always ensure you dress feeling confident, because you are wearing a beautifully crafted garment made by experienced artisans from sustainable and ethical sources.

Fresh and bright – fashion for each season
Our colour palette has been chosen to reflect each season and to accent the natural beauty of our fabrics and sustainable materials.

We design nimble new collection  for you to wear each season, with beautifully styled garments that are crafted to look fabulous and are always comfortable to wear.

Striking styles – clothes to turn heads
If your personal style tends towards bold prints, head-turning patterns and vibrant colours, then you’ll be enchanted by the clean cut and bright style of our sustainably natural kaftans

sustainable fashion, kaftan, cotton
 'Printed violet kaftan in cotton silk'

Whether on the beach or in your own Summer garden, our fresh designs will appeal to your sense of fun and creativity. Our wonderfully light and colourful kaftans are unique and timeless. Our kaftans offer a breezy classic design to take on holiday or cool stylish look for relaxing at home.

Colourful accessories – Don’t leave home without a splash of colour
Most of us have been wearing accessories on an ongoing basis, especially in these days of the pandemic, more especially when leaving home. Beyond the wearing of face covering however, there is a colourful array of options for us to accent every outfit we wear.

                   'Organic cotton pleated face covering'       

Adding a splash of colour by wearing or carrying a scarf can adapt an outfit to the season. A bright scarf can lift our spirits on the darkest of days, or even to marry your handbag to your outfit for the day.

Our beautiful fashion accessories also make marvellous gifts for a dear one, a friend or even ourselves. And why not! We all need a dash of something fresh and bright in our wardrobe.


As we are a sustainable Slow Fashion organisation - we aim not to hold inventory. Each print is unique and made ethically just for you with love and care.

Disclaimer: As everything is handmade and each print unique, two pieces are never the same. Actual colours may vary slightly due to screen lighting effects. Each order is uniquely created and takes up to 14 days for delivery. 

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