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Sustainable Clothing

Spring styles and fresh fashion outlook

by Aparna Jain 26 Mar 2021 0 Comments

Seasons changing bring new sensations and aspirations as we react to the weather or we look forward to a different light or scents in the air. Spring and Summer in the Northern hemisphere lead us into a brighter settings generating a new energy. And with that we all love the arrival of Spring styles and fashions. It puts a little more pep in our step.

Looking at Spring Styles

Some items from our Spring and Summer collection

Whether you are a fan of brightly coloured loose fitting tops, or hand printed materials and clothes made in sustainable cottons, or crisp linen blouses take a look.  

If you have a love of artisanal designs and a fresh smart look that sets you apart remember our YunikuLondon collection. 

New - Pre-Order your Spring and Summer Wardrobe

You may not be aware that we recently launched our new pre-order function on the website, just in time for our new upcoming seasonal collection. 

Making our beautiful artisan clothing takes time. Our clothes and home wares are not mass produced - far from it! Each item has a known provenance. We know where the materials come from. We know how they are dyed or hand printed. We know where each item is made and by whom! This was we can attest to their quality and authenticity. We believe in sustainable fashion and with that belief we bring you authentically crafted clothing and fashions. 

More to the point we take our lead on what you our customers are asking for in terms of styles and fashion. 

New Season Linens 

Little compares to the look of beautiful linens in stunning colours. Better still wearing a crisp linen blouse or bright linen dress heralds in the new Spring styles or Summer season better than anything else.

Check out our Linen collection - available for pre-order

Cool and comfortable our linen collection will help you feel and look great without restricting movement on a warm day. Designed for style and comfort our linens cut quite a figure. 

Fantasy Summer Florals

It's hard to resist a pretty floral outfit or colourful pyjama. And as if we needed reminding Marie Claire has announced that Fantasy Florals are definitely in. 

Mix them, match them, contrast them with overs and unders, florals are so versatile. Knowing that your florals from YunikuLondon are hand made from sustainable materials in an ethical supply chain - well you simply couldn't buy better.  Check out our new collection to see if you fancy a floral blouse for smart or casual wear.

For a fresh cut on a traditional look, try our new floral dress with Chakri block print. Chakri is a traditional method of wooden block printing in this case in particular hand carving designs in wooden blocks used for printing cottons, usually dress materials.

These crafts are learned through the generations, handed down centuries by Indian artisans. Our dress is hand sewn by our own team of artisans in the city of Faridabad in the Haryana region of India

Chakri block print blue dress 

Mix and match florals for every occasion

If you prefer a more casual look for your floral garments and style why not mix and match a pretty blouse with jeans or even a formal suit. 

The authentic quality of a beautiful floral print in a fresh design gives you the comfort of soft fabrics while ensuring you stand out from the crowd. 


Floral Fuchsia Blouse - Spring Collection - Pre-order now

Final Note on Spring Styles

Join us this season in welcoming in a bright and fresh Spring collection.  Our Spring styles include new designs and some classics all bearing our ethical mark of sustainability and conscious fashion.

The classics never age, they simply get better with the people who choose to wear them.  We love florals and linens, as you do. And we love to design beautiful clothes with you mind. Check out our new collections ready for pre-order today!

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