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Sustainable Clothing

Sustainable Fashion : Saving lives one stitch at a time!

by Aparna Jain 22 Jan 2021 0 Comments

As consumers, we are more curious (and conscious) than ever about the story behind the products we buy. We are a generation that demands to know the impact of our purchases, as altruism finds its way into the retail sector. 

 Conglomerates are rolling out ‘Social Impact Strategies’ to create public value that is systematic, sustainable, and innovative. High-street chains are politely asking the buyers to make a small donation at the check-out counter to their nominated cause. 

Every year, thousands of tonnes of clothes are thrown away with household waste and as much as 95% of those clothes could be recycled. Throw away fashion may be in keeping with trend-setters and influencers, but the planet is paying the price for our social media following!

 Paying it forward has become a way of life but are we just ticking a box or saving lives through conscious fashion? 

 Yes, says YunikuLondon. 

At the core of YunikuLondon is a desire to help people in crisis. With every purchase made, an Artisan family is supported. Combining sustainable fashion – expanding the lifespan of a garment and eco-fashion – taking ethical steps in style, YunikuLondon is paving the way.

Sharing heritage is sharing history. 

Our ethical clothing brand YunikuLondon is on a mission to become the UK’s go-to fashion collective – inspired to design, educate, and inspire. Empowered to tell the story from product creation to the virtual shelf, our YunikuLondon team are passionate educators behind the steps we take for the ultimate community experience. Living by a set of unwavering personal and professional values, my sisters and I created an idea to rebuild crippling communities. 

 There is no doubt that the world is in a precarious position. The global pandemic has shaken the globe economically, physically, societally and for many – lives have changed on a massive scale. For some, there is no bounce-back in sight but that does not mean we should give up on those who have given up on themselves. 

 Developing countries have been the hardest hit during the COVID-19 shockwave – due to inadequate healthcare and a struggling financial system. This has been the case for a struggling Artisan community in Faridabad, India. Lives have been lost in a poverty-stricken city with little help from the ‘outside world’ and without a sustainable plan, sadly this is likely to worsen.  

It can be misconstrued, that whilst help in the form of charitable donations can make a huge difference, a community needs sustainability. Perhaps this quote tells it better, ‘Give a man a fish, and you can feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you can feed him for a lifetime’.

 Touched by the suffering of the Faridabad people, I turned my passion into my purpose and created YunikuLondon. Our UK-based brand now creates conscious & sustainable fashion and the city under pressure – Faridabad, is producing the handcrafted products. Providing families with this much-needed relief has now transformed the lives of many.

 Developing the design and creative process, I created a conveyor belt of ‘skills sharing’, artisan crafting, and consciously created a range of products that supports the people. 

 With ethically sourced and natural fabrics, YunikuLondon wants to make people comfortable – from the fabric on our skin to the lives we lead. And we can all do our bit to support eco-entrepreneurs – here is how: 

1 / / Do not buy clothes just because they are accessible, trendy, and penny-saving. Avoid retailers who are known for their fast fashion and throw away fashion ideals! Greenwashing is a thing and doing your high-street homework can change a life! 

2 / / Look for certification labels like GOTS and Fair Trade before buying clothes to verify that the workers and environment are treated well.

3 / / Follow the industry leaders in eco-fashion, such as Good On You – the UK’s source of trusted brand ratings, articles, and expertise on ethical and sustainable fashion. 

4 / / Donate, repurpose or sell your used but wearable clothes. Purchase second-hand if ethically made clothing is outside of your budget.

5 / / Choose brands that practice sustainable business. Before buying anything, make sure you use every piece of clothing in your closet.

But how can this ethos impact our planet? Mother-Earth has been screaming out for quite some time, 'give me a break!' So, shouldn't we start listening to her? Eco-conscious clothing is made using natural energy and avoiding pollution. While ethical fashion may not solve all of our problems with un-safe fuels, water shortages, carbon footprint, and overflowing landfills, it allows us to reduce our impact on the environment. 

Fast fashion is killing the planet. The clothing industry is the second-highest polluter of clean water. Retailers of fast fashion dump toxic chemicals into clean water supplies because clothing is an intense production line of waste. Add the mileage of clothing distribution we are now ‘amping’ up transportation if we do not consider each ethical step.

 At the core of YunikuLondon is a desire to help people in crisis. With every purchase made, an Artisan family is supported. Combining sustainable fashion – expanding the lifespan of a garment and eco-fashion – taking ethical steps in style, YunikuLondon is paving the way. 

 When we exchange our cultural backgrounds, we trigger a conversation about what matters. The exclusive YunikuLondon collection of heritage garments can be sampled with the people in the UK, from the backstory of our brand to the very stitching you choose to wear. As a fashion expert, I am inspired to change lives through social innovation. Despite a UK lockdown, the mission of this company is to enter the homes of Britain. The new spring 2021 collection is coming up online and YunikuLondon is certainly one to watch! 

 With a mission to create communities that count – we are a team of change-makers who are doing it all! 


Behind the scenes- our little team









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