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Journey towards a greener future and choices!

Hope you are having a safe and quiet festive break. 

What a strange year we all have had! 

Upon reflection this long period of enforced reflection has had some positive outcomes. It has led us all to rethink lifestyle changes we need to make for a cleaner, and greener future.

The need to change now and quickly is picking up pace each day.  

I don't remember a time in my life when clothing and food was such a conversation starter. Vegetarian, pescatarian or whatever changes people are making to their diet, everyone is talking about it. The debates start around wanting a greener future and what are the best choices to make.

A greener future means choices

Making those important choices about what goes inside and on the outside of their bodies and how it affects their health and our planet.  During our family dinner times we sometimes have heated discussions about what is right for us, for other people and for the planet.  

Greener future with plant based food choices

I see that our new food choices are being reflected in the fashion industry.

How? I hear you ask…

Well, when we buy food we make a choice to buy free range eggs or organically produced eggs because we know it supports and encourages a better environment for the hens. 

Yet the environment and choices around how our clothes are sourced and produced is often overlooked.  Covid has forced big fashion brands to re-think their core ethos, their values and purpose. Some have become more transparent with their supply chain, but there is still a long way to go.

At Yuniku London our very foundation was based on creating a sustainable future for all of us.

From the source and producers of our wonderful crafted clothes to the conscious efforts we make to create a sustainable fashion line.

Greener more sustainable fashion is vital

Knowing more about the clothes and how their production can affect the environment & people is an important step in making the conscious choice for consumers. 

Ladies pyjama top - Sea green

We make those conscious fashion decisions for you at every step at Yuniku London so you can be certain what you are buying is as good as it can be and produced in the best possible way for the planet and the producers we collaborate with.

All this to bring you quality crafted artisanal clothes and homewares that are beautiful to look at and a pleasure to live with.

And they are good for the planet. What could be better?

Sustainable resources for a greener future

Transparency in the positive supply chain helps customers think about the positive difference they are making with their purchase.  We want to help you make that positive step when you buy our clothes and home wares.

greener future
Paradise garden reversible quilt

By choosing our clothes home wares you know we will have done the hard work for you. We have selected the ethical sources for our materials. We only work with ethical suppliers. We use sustainable materials thinking and planning for a greener future.  

My sisters and I are still in the early days of our clothing brand but it's our intention to work towards a sustainable and transparent supply chain.  I am learning every day and although I am pretty sure I’m making mistakes along the way, please know we will be sharing this journey with you so you can come along too. Discover a world of more sustainable choices and a greener future with us at Yuniku London.

On this positive note, our YL family wishes you happy holidays what ever holidays you are celebrating, enjoy your choices.

Check out our latest collections of sustainable clothing and home wares by clicking here .

Watch the space for our new blog in 2021!  

Stay safe and well.

Aparna x


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