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The Power of Conscious Fashion

What is conscious fashion?

Conscious fashion may be viewed as a recent addition to the spectrum of terms referring to sustainable and ethical clothing. However, it is beginning to really resonate and means much, much more.

What matters in conscious fashion is the motivation that drives both customers and manufacturers. Aligned to the common goal of producing and buying fashion to high sustainable and ethical standards the conscious fashion supply and customer chain can change behaviour.

The principles are what underpin this type of fashion. Conscious fashion refers to any purchase for fashion items bought with the buyer choosing their item within a value framework that is kind to the planet, and kind to the people who produce the product.

This conscious choice of fashion by the buyer, choosing clothes that meet a certain ideal, is powerful. And it is not simply the promise of sustainable fashion provided by the manufacturer that counts. Nor is it the exciting new range of ethical clothing offered to the customer that matters. What is really powerful is when the producer, the supplier and the buyer all align to such a purposeful ideal, then conscious fashion can have a very positive effect.

 YunikuLondon and Conscious Fashion

At YunikuLondon our customers make their choices through a conscious search for good quality fashion produced through ethical channels.

We are proud to say that we adhere to the positive principles of conscious fashion. For example, through conscious purchasing, we source materials ethically to provide a good choice of stylish and comfortable clothing made largely with organic materials and sourced in a sustainable way. We keep a short supply chain, so we are directly in touch with our manufacturers. This way we can also attest to the artisans’ skills and their source materials. And we can assure our customers that our craft workers benefit directly from this trade. In this way we provide conscious fashion to our clients

The Conscious Fashion Campaign

Wholeheartedly, we support the growing awareness and actions of the Conscious Fashion Campaign. We believe in this campaign. Despite our small size as an organisation, we are a stakeholder in the fashion industry and believe we have a role to play. We ensure that everything that we do is in line with the principles that will help to change the industry for good.

Actually, by managing our lean format, our sourcing, production and supply chains we ensure that we can provide our clients with conscious fashion choices.

Conscious of the UN Sustainability Development Goals

To underpin our value framework and our goals in maintaining our focus in conscious fashion, we observe the UN Sustainability Development Goals.

In all that we do, we work embracing the positive and life affirming values set down by the UN Sustainability Development Goals.  In particular we have chosen to focus on the following:

UN Goal 9.     

Industry innovation and infrastructure – we manage a lean structure, embracing and supporting artisans in India, bringing their skills and quality work to a much wider audience through the internet and social media. This helps to sustain their livelihoods in difficult times by tapping into a much bigger marketplace through modern technology.

UN Goal 12.   

Responsible production and consumption – we work directly with our artisans, through the best practice of slow fashion principles to ensure the products produced are manufactured to demand and used accordingly with little or no waste.

Goal 15.         

Life on land – we use organic materials such as cotton to produce sustainable clothing wherever possible. All are recyclable to ensure purposeful production, and validated consumption in the life of the garment.

Our promise to promote conscious fashion

We know that governments and NGOs are moving to showcase actions and share solutions that will accelerate progress in sustainability. We at YunikuLondon are proud to play a small collaborative part in the effort towards conscious fashion through our innovative collection and promise of sustainable and ethical fashion. Join us on our journey to promote and explore conscious fashion.




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