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Sustainable clothing – New fashion and artisan designs

What is sustainable clothing

In challenging times, we search for what is wholesome and real, things we understand and know to be authentic. More and more of us are looking to what we know and trust, and everything that feels cosy and comforting. Such wholesome experiences include wearing clothes made from natural materials ethically sourced. It is no surprise that sensory comfort brings comfort to the soul and the knowledge that we are helping to protect the planet.

Emerging from a turbulent year, many of us find ourselves increasingly drawn to new sustainable clothing lines using trusted supply chains that ensure everyone benefits. Today it is possible that fashion lines can be produced through known supply chains using authentic materials. There has never been a better time for sustainable fashion.

Our YunikuLondon story

Drawing inspiration from the growing demand for clothes made from sustainable materials, I went back to my roots. With a professional background in the clothing industry in India, I represented some of the best-known quality clothing brands for years. I know how and was paid to manage sustainable supply chains, ensuring that they could not be broken with cheaper productions options. When setting up Yuniku London I wanted to work with the supply chain and sustainable materials that I trusted.

A family affair

        Aparna, UK                 Millie, India


When designing our YunikuLondon fashion lines and managing the production supply chains for our clothes, I wanted to work with people I know and trust. Both in the UK and in India I wanted to ensure that all our fashion and home ware items are produced using sustainable materials and remain ethical end to end.

So, I called on my own family in India and also a number of family micro businesses of artisans we know and have worked with for years. Together we produce our YunikuLondon sustainable fashion lines from lounge wear to kaftans, accessories and home ware.

We trust our network of micro businesses

The artisans we collaborate with in India specialise in classic designs and hand-made clothing. They run their own micro businesses producing beautiful hand-crafted clothes to the highest artisanal standards. In traditional style they craft the wooden blocks used to print the decorative patterns on all our lines from the sustainable clothing and accessories to the colourful bed linen.

 ‘Artisanal craft delivered to you with the highest standards’

A customer promise true to our goal

Our goal is to make clothing using natural materials so that the clothes can be recycled in due course without harming the planet. This way we can be part of a healthy clothing production line, in a circular economy that helps us maintain a healthy planet. All this is offered to your through our line of YunikuLondon sustainable clothing and home wares.

Minimising waste

Did you know that 100 billion items of clothing are bought each year? And that 3 out of 5 t-shirts bought today are thrown away within 12 months? If you visualise a dump truck of clothing going to landfill every second, that’s what it would look like. Producing beautiful fashion lines and sustainable clothes doesn’t have to be like that.  At YunikuLondon we play an active part in managing our materials and supply chain at every stage.  We promise you that we will create sustainable clothing from genuine artisans using natural materials to the best of our ability.

We’ve built a network to support our lines of sustainable fashion.

Our products are made in collaboration with a group of families who specialise in artisanal handmade sustainable clothing. We take pride in supporting micro businesses in India using hand crafted authentic materials. Knowing these suppliers well we can attest to their craft and the materials they use in producing each fashion line and our home wares.  Every time you buy a product you help an artisanal family.

‘What could be more authentic than real cotton’

Fashion with style and a long life

We offer a new fashion line with ever season, always with the guarantee that the clothes are sustainable and can be recycled. And yet, the new lines are produced with all the values of slow fashion. We take our time to find the right designs for you, the right suppliers for our materials and the best crafts people for the products.

Where possible we use organic materials. Organic cotton is better for the producers and the ecosystem in which it is produced. Instead of more toxic pesticides and fertilisers. Our specialist sourcing of materials leads to the extra real and soft feel of our products.


Our new line of sustainable clothing

Values and purpose drive this business

Our absolute passion is to make clothing sustainable. All our fashion lines are designed to be recyclable. Instead of making waste, we make new products that can play a part in a circular supply chain. And we treat our suppliers fairly, so that everyone wins. You can find the best fashion product, produced using authentic materials by artisans who are well paid for their work. We certainly aim to provide you with the best in ethical fashion and sustainable clothing. 


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